Picture of Ana


Singapore Food & Product Photographer


My name is Ana (Short for Ananya) and welcome to my creative playground. 3 years ago I traded my cubicle for a camera and there has been no looking back since.
I create beautiful photographs of food and products. With a meticulous nature and a thorough skill set, I’m able to execute and oversee all of the production including staging, styling, lighting, shooting and post production. The product I sell is creative marketing imagery.

Unlike most other photographers, I take a boutique approach to photography by only working with food and products. I pride myself in channelling all my energy into the refinement of this specialized skill set – Food Portfolio | Product Page.

This approach also means that my clients are both big and small. You are treated like royalty on sets. Your deadlines become my deadlines. And you and I elevate your brand together, one picture at a time!

Allow me to blow your loving mind! 😊

Contact me here.